Exporting to VLM to view flight

I’m fairly new to Litchi, and saw a youtube video showing I can export my planned flight mission to view it on google earth. When I save the mission and go to export it, the option VLM isn’t an option. Is there another way to export my flight to google earth or am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hello quadfather, welcome to the Litchi Forum. Have you added the VLM Chrome Extension yet? You will need to use the extension with Google Earth so basically you: 1.Download the VLM Chrome Browser Extension 2.Download Google Earth Pro (it’s free) 3.Go to Mission Hub and Download your mission file to the computer (the export option is in RED if the browser is working properly) 4.Open the file using Google Earth 5. Double Click file to open “Virtual Mission” 6.Double Click the Virtual Mission file and the mission will start. I hope this helps!


I appreciate your quick and thorough response. This information was very helpful to me, and the missions I’m planning. Thank you again.

Mike (Quadfather)

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This can also be done using an Android smartphone.
As well as the mobile version of google earth

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You just need a browser other than google chrome

It looks like this and works

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