EXP settings during waypoint missions for Mini 2

When I fly FPV in litchi the EXP settings I entered in DJI Fly are in effect and I get nice smooth pans and tilt.

When I fly a Waypoint mission the pans (Yaw) seem to reset and its very jerky and sometimes even have a mind of their own. I’m still VLOS so its not that I’m flying too far away. Is it me or is it poor programming in the app ?

Waypoint mode is not the same as manual flying. Litchi controls the drone fully during waypoint mode and manual flight settings are not in effect. We are aware of some jerky movements issues in Waypoint mode for DJI Fly drones and hope to solve it in a future update

Thanks for the reply vico.

I think you are half correct about Mini2 having full control. Gimbal rate works great in litchy but changing the EXP rate for yaw in FLY doesn’t transfer over.

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