Emu 10.1.0 and Litchi

Hi, I ask for how to run litchi beta v4. 20.0 under EMU 10.1.0 environment.

Is it possible to accomplish this execution? It’s installed, but immediately close itself when launched.



Is that huawei’s new OS?
Did you try the amazon license of Litchi? That should work as it does not rely on google services: DJI Monitors (Smart Controller, CrystalSky, Phantom 4 Screens) - Litchi

How did you install Litchi on the EMUI 10? I tried to transfer it across from another device and it refused. I already have it from Android and IOS, so I’m trying to avoid another £20 needing spending. Litchi’s good but that’ll be over £60 at that point! Any ideas or is it the Amazon app store or nothing?

I’ve exporte the software with SD Maid under android, then installed the apk under EMU 10.1, everything ok, but when I tried to run, never had success (it closes the main frame)

Yeah. I suspect that will be to do with Google Play Services . I’ve managed to install Google Play Services on the system but it recognises that it’s not Google’s operating system and closes all Google apps. It must be the same with Litchi because of the need to verify with the Play Store. I’m thinking I might just return this tablet. It performs great but it just precludes most of the apps I need for work.

Huawei need to move faster on sorting these issues out. Thanks for replying.