Email has been hacked and i cannot use the litchi app

Hello there, im having the below problem and i need your help.

My email has been hacked and i made a new one. I have changed the old email with the new one on the website. Im trying to use litchi app on my Android mobile but since im using my new email on Play store the app doesn’t recognise my account and i have to buy it again!

Is there anything i can do to download the app??
Thanks in advance

I would have thought that the email tied to the play store would be independent of the email used for your Litchi account. There should be no reason to buy it again just because you have changed your email. To change your email contact Litchi at Then log out of your account on the Litchi web site and in the app. Then log into your account using the updated email address on both the Litchi web site and in the Litchi app.