Does Litchi support DJI A3 flight controller

I want to change from UgCS to Litchi. Is it possible to use Litchi with DJI A3 flight controller? Thanks in advance for reply. :slight_smile:

It was not tested with this setup, so it is something you would have to try for yourself. Chances are high it won’t work well due to no official support

Ok, thank you for quick response.

Did you give it a shot? How did your A3 perform? I’m building an octo with the A3 pro and would rather use litchi so I had the same questions.

I just noticed that the M600, which uses the A3 Pro, has open SDK. Do you know if there are any future plans to develop Litchi for use with the A3 Pro?

No, I didn’t try it. I’m working with a drone from other company. I don’t have a space to test if it’s working. With my work I’m using their OSDK, but their documentation is short. Mostly you have to get information from the source code or the support.