Does Litchi overwrite settings from DJI FLY?

Dear developers,

in DJI FLY there is a setting named “Gain- und Expo-Feinabstimmung” (in German), which is not available in Litchi.

My questions:

Does Litchi overwrite these settings from DJI FLY when Litchi is started (Maybe with hardcoded variables in Litchi)?

Does Litchi overwrite any settings, which are set in DJI FLY, when I start Litchi after DJI FLY?
(Here I mean those settings, which are available in DJI FLY, but can NOT be set in Litchi due to missing options in Litchi)?

Thanks for making things clearer.

Happy flying!


Generally your settings in DJI Fly app carry over to Litchi and still apply.