Do I have to buy litchi for separate devices?

I have purchased litchi for my old 10.5” iPad Pro, but since I have updated to the 11’ iPad Pro, both dji go and litchi will not work for my inspire 1. So now I have purchased an android tablet ( cheaper than getting another 10.5 iPad Pro), do I now have to pay for the litchi app on android? I hope not, especially now that it’s useless to me on iOS.

FAQ #10

Thx, seems a little unfair though, since it no longer works for me on iOS.

If you ever plan to buy a DJI smartcontroller or Crystal Sky, I advise you to buy Litchi from Amazon. This will work on ANY Android device. The Play Store version does NOT work on DJI screens.
You first have to install the Amazon App Store App on your Android device.
Instructions here: