DJI V1.9.0 Surprises

My be the fault is on my side, but first fault is, I believe to our advantage:

On takeoff, the GPS position is registered. Then I fly for 10min (4km round trip). During the flight I move about 50m to keep drone in sight. On RTH, the drone does not go back to the takeoff point, but come in to the point where the RC (me.) am standing. I do like that!

2nd difference I found is not ok. Everything goes through the normal motion during Quick Transfer. Problem: the files are not saved to/on the phone. Somehow they just disappear. Any ideas?


(Iā€™m using a Mini 2 with standard RC.)

That is not the default behavior. It sounds like this setting:

  • Dynamic Homepoint: When enabled, the home point will continuously be updated to the current location of your mobile device. Recommended in Follow mode.