DJI updated Firmware today

My drone did an update today before flight from the DJI app on phone.

It is currently not taking picures every 2sec as it used to before the bios update on drone… Possible work around or update…

Still trying to hack it and try other settings with Litchi but no luck.

Worked fine on last 2 previous flight, trying to to some nadir shots straight down for DEM generation.

What drone ?
What firmware update ?
What method for the 2s interval ?

Firmware updates tend to reset settings in the drone.
Check your actual camera settings (drone has to be connected).

If you use litchi’s ‘photo capture interval’ make sure ‘auto record’ in litchi’s main camera setting is turned off.


This last round of Sneaky updates to the firmware and app is the start of the Planned obsolescence of existing drones. Every time one of these takes place, SETTINGS seem to change randomly within the DJI realm.
I cant figure out WHO owns the Drone, Me or Them…

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