DJI Mini 3 Pro inquiry

Hello All Pilots. I am new here. If this inquiry has already been addressed, please excuse me.
I want to pilot my Mini 3 Pro whilst another contols the camera zoom and up/ down tilt.
Is there any way this is possible?
Perhaps using a laptop and the RC-Pro controller?
I have the remote controller with the in-built LCD display and the RC- Pro controller.
Any feedback would be very welcome.

The only way this used to be possible was with one person wearing goggles and another person with the controller, but that was with a MAVIC 2. I am unaware of a way to do this with a Mini 3 Pro.

Roger that.I am still thinking there must be a way.
If I find it , I will post it here.

Will Litchi run on a winows 10 laptop?

The Litchi app runs on Android or iOS platforms.
The Litchi Mission Hub (different from the app) will run on Windows 10 computers.

Here’s a video for inspiration:

How to Use DJI Mavic Pro’s Dual Remote Controller Mode