Difficulty looking toward POI

I am flying with a DJI Air 2s and just learning Litchi. I programmed a mission with curves and looking towards several POIs and starting stopping the recorder at various spots.

It fails to look towards the various POIs and / or start and stop recording.

Is that because this is curved? Would all of this work if done with straight segments? If so:

  1. Would this work with curved segments and one POI but no start/stops?
  2. If I switch to straight segments, is there someway to smooth transitions at each waypoint to maintain a smooth path?
  3. Is there a way to include completely curved paths , such as defining nurbs?


This will improve by adding more waypoints.

  1. Actions at waypoints are ignored when ‘Path Mode’ is set to ‘Curved Turns’, even if you set a ‘Curve Size’ of 0 (zero).

  2. When ‘Path Mode’ is set to ‘Straight Lines’, the drone will stop briefly at each waypoint.

  3. In the Mission Hub, move the ‘Curve Size’ slider to it’s maximum for each waypoint.
    This maximum value depends on the distance to neighbouring waypoints AND the curve size at neighbouring waypoints.

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