CSV - BatteryTemperature units | Mileage

In the CSV log file, what unit is the BatteryTemperature column in?

Also, how is mileage calculated/stored in the CSV file?

Are you referring to an AirData generated csv log file?

In my AirData csv download, the column title reads “battery_temperature(f)” so I would expect the values are in Fahrenheit.
Average for the flight is 85.29° which is 29.61°C.
The battery was only slightly warm to the touch.
85.29°C is 185.22°F (a lot warmer than a freshly cooked steak) :cowboy_hat_face:

(The flight was flown with Imperial units.)

No, I’m referring to the .csv file that is generated by the Litchi app. On Android, it’s found in the ‘/Android/data/com.aryuthere.visionplus/files/flightlogs’ folder. Or, you can get it by clicking the ‘Original’ download link in Airdata.

In that file, the 34th column is for ‘batteryTemperature’. As an example, my most recent flight had a max battery temperature of 88.2F. The csv generated by Litchi shows 3043.5 in that column.

I can’t find any unit of measure that translates 3043.5 to 88.2F.


Sorry, at this time I can’t answer your original question. Not even with a WAG. :cowboy_hat_face:

A googled conversion is 88.2°F = 304.3722°Kelvin

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The formula for converting Kelvin to Fahrenheit is F = 1.8*(K-273) + 32.
1.8*((3043.5/10) - 273) + 32 = 88.43°F
It appears the value in Litchi is Kelvin times 10.
There seems to be some rounding of raw data involved by someone, somewhere. :cowboy_hat_face:
Plugging 3043.44444442 into the formula yields 88.2

Yeah, I had found that about the Kelvin conversion too but I wondered if there was something like a microkelvin or kilokelvin.

There is, Micro is 10 raised to -6th power and Kilo is 10 raised to the 3rd power.
I wandered through some on-line converters and did not find any units to directly convert the litchi value to the known Fahrenheit.

Convert the Kelvin value to Celsius by adding 273 (0K = -273C) then convert to Fahrenheit

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