Creating waypoints onsite

I am creating a waypoint mission onsite because I am trying to fly through trees from a parking lot. So I would manually fly my drone to the exact location I want the waypoint and add it where the drone is on the map. I’m using an iPad Pro so my screen is big enough to properly see everything. I save the mission and try to fly it.
Some of the waypoints are fine but others seem to shift. I make adjustments and try again. Some are ok but others shift. It’s not always the same ones that shift. I can’t see a pattern to the shifting waypoints but it has made the mission unflyable.
What have I done wrong and what should I do to make it right?
Thanks in advance.

Consumer GPS is accurate to around 2 to 3 meters. Every time you fly a waypoint mission, you have to allow for this (lack of) accuracy. Check your drone’s user manual for “Hovering Accuracy Range”. My Air 2s manual lists the GPS horizontal accuracy to be plus or minus 1.5 meters. One cannot depend upon waypoint flights to be precise enough to fly through small openings.

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Thanks for the quick response wesbarris. Time for very slow and careful manual flying.