Commercial use of Litchi

Apologies if this has been raised before however I can not find a similar topic. Does anyone know about Litchi’s policy regarding commercial use of the App? Specifically is there any option for members of a Ltd company to share a Litchi account? Not necessarily to avoid paying the fee on multiple devices but rather so the account for the company can be managed centrally/missions viewed and shared etc.


Since Litchi does permit its product to be shared across multiple devices of the same genre, namely IOS or Android but not both, your intention to have several employees of your outfit share the same Litchi license on their IOS devices for example, would not violate Liutchi’s terms of use.

Since your research hasn’t uncovered any explicit instruction from Litchi that their product may not be used for commercial purposes, it is reasonable to conclude that your intended shared use by several individuals is perfectly acceptable. That said, Litchi would probably appreciate an honorable mention that their product was used, if any aspects of the flights recorded by your company staff are published in the public realm.

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