Can't set POI after setting waypoints

I was trying to set up a virtual mission on my PC. I can set waypoints; but, when I right click to set a POI, I get nothing. New to this program, what am i missing?

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Hi John,

I don’t think you are missing anything. Right-clicking on the map should give you a POI. Are you sure you aren’t moving the mouse slightly when right-clicking?

Since the Mission Hub is a web application, have you tried using different browsers to help narrow down the problem to either a specific browser or something else?

Thanks for getting back with me. I use Firefox, and have also tried Chrome, and Edge browsers. NO POI on any of them when I right click. My mouse right click works on other apps. I do use a special mouse, it is an Evoluent mouse. I chekecd on the mouse app and it was working fine. It was working on Litchi last week when I used it. I will try to check with another mouse to see if this is the issue. I did get a few Windows updates, and no telling what those might have done. Also when th window for waypoint is open, I get NONE for POI, and no other options.

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I think this is a matter of troubleshooting on your part. You said it used to work for you and I’m guessing it works for all other Mission Hub users. Just keep changing things until you narrow down the problem to a specific piece of hardware (or software).