Can I use DIJI Fly while simultaneously running a waypoint mission?

Curious if I can use DIJI Fly to take advantage of all my camera and control settings there while running Litchi for a waypoint mission.

No you can’t.
In fact you have to Force Close any other flying app before you can open another.


Thanks for the response. Yesterday, I opened Litchi while Fly was closed, it picked up the camera view so I opened Fly in the background. Litchi maintained the camera view so I tried to fly a waypoint mission. The mission had 18 waypoints and it flew perfectly through number 9 then lost connection. I’ll try it this evening with Fly remaining closed to see if that is the problem.

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you know you can change the camera settings in litchi

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Thanks! That was my main objective with running FLY so I’ll take a dive into these settings.

I suggest you give this a read

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Flew the same mission last night and again, when it hit way point #9, the gimble started to scan top to bottom repeatedly and it remained in static position. I restarted the way point mission beginning at the next way point and the mission finished perfectly.

I suspect that the POI I had set for that way point was too far. I reset that way point to interpolate and I’ll refly the mission again tonight.

Thanks for all the help. The manual is certainly useful.

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