Beta changelog?

Dear developers,

today I got the latest beta version, which is 4.22.2_Beta (Build: 3004181). I wondered, what has changed, because it is now 545MB big, and before it was 345MB big. This is an increase of 200MB!

So, that looks for me as a lot of work, and google play only says: “security fixes”.

That is not much information, so I believe, there is more.

Is there a detailed changelog available? If yes, I would be interested in it. If no, and this is your business policy to keep these secret, I will respect and accept this, of course.

Thanks for reading.



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Version 4.22.2 (April 8, 2022)

  • security improvements

Yes, of course, security improvements, not fixes. My fault, sorry.

However, 200MB more data is a lot of code.



That is strange as our upload size has not changed much, there were only minor internal changes

Looks like Android gave wrong data. I checked, and it says 504MB. Maybe it counts the dji database, too.

So I deinstalled it completely and reinstalled it again. It installed version 4.22-2g (this is the latest Beta version). Downloadsize is about 96MB, installed size (after dji database download) about 302MB.

This looks normal, as apk is a packed file (like deb packages in debian).

Maybe android counts it wrong, whenever an upgrade of litchi happened. I believe, since installing the first version, I got about 6 or 7 version upgrades, I believe, and maybe this increased the size virtually.

So, nothing to wonder, I was just lied by android.

And by the way: Thank you very much for your work and your excellent service!

Best regards