Bergen 4K Chasing Daylight - Final Cut

Last month I posted a link to my video Bergen 4k Chasing Daylight. I also started threads on a couple of other drone enthusiast forums to ask for comments.
Being quite new to serious video editing, I wanted to find out where I might improve.

I received lots of constructive criticism and have addressed most of it in my ‘Final Cut’ version of the video.

The improvements made are:

  • De-shake parts of the video where the Litchi app turns were a bit jerky
  • Crispen up the transitions between the different times of day
  • Remove the people from the reversed clip - they were walking backwards
  • Changed the speed of parts of some clips to give them more interest or to match the music better
  • swap out a couple of the clips for better ones
  • Fade out at the end to finish properly (and to cover an unintended pan)

There are some things I didn’t change:

  • The video is still the same length - 4:34, because it is choreographed to Scott Buckley’s Chasing Daylight
  • Add transition effects between clips - I did try this but everyone in my family said that the transitions weakened the impact of the changes, and the song itself has a very definite beat, so hard cuts seem to work better

The new version is here:

If you would like to see the original version, it’s here:


Very good work. Your footage is from a very picturesque area. I normally let the music determine the type of transition I used. In your case, hard cuts fit better with the music you choose so I’m glad you did not change that. I think you did an excellent job of editing.

Thanks for the comments it’s great to get encouragement. I still intend to post a short clip showing different types of transition to see if those suggesting transitions still think they are better with this music.
I did do a shorter video of Scarborough and used softer transitions to go with the music which in this case works better than hard cuts I think:


I think it’s lovely.

most impressive Tim. brought back wonderful memories of our two visits to Bergen (cruise ship stopovers) and both of those days were rain free as well. more than happy to leave a comment on YouTube as well, but seems you haven’t allowed that. I have subscribed to your channel however.
aka Sportz Fotos

Thanks gruven and Wayne
I wondered why no-one had left any comments on YouTube, I had it set to “Hold potentially inappropriate comments for review” whatever that means - perhaps you were going to post an inappropriate comment :slight_smile:
If you did a cruise stopover in Bergen, you probably also stopped at Stavanger, so have a look at my short Stavanger video - it includes a cruise ship - the AidaPerla which dwarfed the town

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Wow that’s amazing what you did with my video. I agree that it looks really good, but I’m always thinking of the music when I do my editing and try to make the cuts exactly in time with the changes in the music. Transitions in this song seem to me to make the cuts a bit less crisp. It must be a personal thing because I’m sure many people prefer your editing to mine - especially as no matter what I do, the shots won’t match up exactly.
Some of those effects you used are really good and I would use them with other videos. What editing software did you use? Thanks again for doing this, I’m quite honoured that you have taken the time.

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If you want your videos to look like they were created by an inexperienced person who just discovered some new transitions, by all means use them. On the other hand, if you want your video to look like it was created by a professional, use the same method that professionals use and what Tim has already done.