Because WEIRD things Happen!

Yesterday my expensive Tripltek 8" monitor refused to connect to my Air2 S no matter what I tried. However my inexpensive LG20 worked every time, so I was out of ideas until I remembered it was a new type C cable I was using. I put in the shorter (same brand name) cable I had been using and everything was fine again. WHY do some cables work with one device but not another, even though the brands and connectors are the same? Weird.

Steve, some of the c to c cables only work if they are the right/ certain way up, or a certain way round, and yes I know that shouldn’t be the case


U need the specs of an OTG USB cable though. Otherwise it will fail bigly.

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Some USB-C cables are charging only; they don’t transmit data.


Hello John, I had not noticed there were specific cables with charging only capabilities. Thanks for the input!