Bad Longitude header in some exported CSV files

on exporting some missions as CSV to import into Dronelink, I was getting the message in the attached screenshot, after some investigation and communication over there it was spotted that on the offending files (I had a couple that worked ok) the header for Longitude was just labeled as "Lo" whereas in the files that imported ok it was labeled as "Long" after changing the header the files imported ok

I can (partially) confirm.
In my case the header either says “Lo” or “Longitude” (not “Long”).

The latest CSV-file I have with “Longitude” dates from march 26, 2022.

ALL CSV-files I exported today contain “Lo”.

However they ALL import in the Mission Hub without any error.

yeah, I was importing into Dronelink & it errors out, however Jim said if it’s a regular change, he can get dronelink to accept lo as well as longitude and long