AR training / 'ghost' mode possible?

Using a DJI Mini SE to teach my kid to fly. For safety we’re using a nice empty field, but there’s also the rub: It’s empty and thus not really challenging. Old (car) racing games would offer a soft of ‘ghost’ mode where a previous lap is shown. Would a similar thing be possible with Litchi?

So for example I’d fly some route and waypoints get recorded. After that the waypoints get drawn one by one on the FPV (phone) screen as globe/ring/etc to fly through.

Hi Stefan,

The feature you describe is not available in Litchi. However, you could be creative and create a mission by drawing boundaries. Then, instead of flying that mission, just load it and have your child fly manually between the boundaries that you’ve drawn.

I don’t know if this is close to what you want. It is just something I thought of to create a challenge for your child. Here is an example of what I’m talking about:

Challenging is easy. Shove some sticks in the ground here and there. Tell him his challenge is that he has to take a picture of each stick that includes him (even though he’s way out from it) in the background. Skills and familiarity of the quad and controller will come quickly…