Any DJI AIr 2S owners successfully use zoom actions autonomously?

Zoom works manually with the “Fn+ control wheel”, just like in DJI Fly app, but I need the waypoint actions to initiate this. It is in the list of actions, but no success. I’ve tried several video resolutions and fps with no success in missions. At least in DJI Fly if it would zoom manually I could tell if it was a permitted video resolution that supported zoom.
Are there any Air 2S owners that have done this successfully? Thank you.

The zoom action is actually currently only supported in a few cases, like m300 rtk etc. It will not work with DJI Fly drones. We will try to implement it when we improve waypoint actions in general

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Vico, thanks for the heads up. I wish the action wasn’t in the pull down menu, so I wouldn’t have spent so many hours trying to get it working. Rather misleading. I would think it would be one of the simpler features… no math, trig, etc. Just zoom in to the desired magnification wherever gimble was pointing based on other features.
I’ll just have to keep zooming manually for now. Thanks again.