Android Moto e - will Litchi work?

I have a cheap android Moto E phone that I have dedicated to my drone. Will it work with Litchi or should I buy a version for my iPhone?

@David_Christensen, while Litchi works on many phones that the DJI Fly app won’t, the better the phone, the better Litchi will perform. Especially modes like Track, which requires a fast device and Follow which needs a good GPS fix to work correctly. VR mode may have video lag with a slow phone as well. Also there are issues using certain Samsung and Motorola devices using the most recent Litchi version 4.26.2 on android.

Read this thread:

Moto e Phones are 8 year old technology and
probably not up to running the processes needed to
drive Litchi and the drone sufficiently well.

Buy yourself a cheap cellular Ipad 4, you will also
receive twice the screen area with an Ipad.
This will be IOS operating system, which is more stable and reliable than Android.
You will need to buy the IOS version of Litchi.