Air2s waypoint gimbal tilt problem

Hi there.
I made 2 waypoint missions in litchi. They are 2 straight lines following each ather. Gimbal angle is -25 in both mission there are 7 waypoints and after 2nd waypoint on the first mission gimbal tilts down to 90 degree down. I dont see this on the second mission. Cant figure it why it does this.

Here is the mission.

First of all you should share the mission(s) in the mission hub by unchecking the ‘private’ box and copying the web-adress here.

second: you did not mention if the mission you shared with google-drive is the first or the second mission.

third: turns out to be neither of them because it has only 5 waypoints instead of 7.

Im on the field sorry couldn’t do the proper sharing. This is the 1st mission I shared. After I wrote this I deleted some waypoints and tried it again that why there is 5 waypoints. And there was no change. The gimbal tilts down 90 degrees between wp2 and wp3 and stays like this hole mission.
I have no such a problem with the 2nd missinon.
Im still on the field so I will share the drive link of the 2nd mission if its ok

I can’t detect anything wrong with ‘TEST_50M-20DRC’ you shared.
The only explanation i can come up with is that you deleted one or more waypoint(s) between the current waypoints 2 & 3 that had set interpolate to -90°.