Air 2s do not finish way point mission when signal is lost, but return home

Air 2s do not finish way point mission when signal is lost, but return home. Can it be fixed ?.

This is because the A2S like all the latest DJI drones uses Virtual Stick Commands, and doesn’t have internal memory for storing the mission, nothing that litchi can do about it

As Martin explained, the behavior you desire (continue mission upon lost signal) only works on the older DJI drones that were able to upload the entire mission into memory and truly fly autonomously. The newer DJI drones do not have this capability. Instead, Litchi must “virtually” fly the mission using a constant connection to the drone from the controller.

Thanks Martin, for your reply.

Thanks webharris, is it possible to make the newer Drones capable with firmware.

No as the drones don’t have onboard memory for this

Thanks, it’s a pity.

And the reason I just bought a new Phantom 4 Pro 2.0 this year to replace my old Phantoms. When I can no longer fly completely autonomously my flying days are done.

Where’s the fun in flying completely autonomously

For me, the goal of flying is to produce smooth video using pre-planned, and sometimes complicated moves/missions. I cannot do this same thing by flying manually. Therefore, to me, planning and flying autonomous missions is exciting. Flying manually is a distant second to that and almost a waste of time.

I know for some people, flying is the goal. However, that is not everyone’s goal.


Exactly, couldn’t have said it better.

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Thanks for saving me money as I was considering a new Mavic Air 2S to replace my P3S. Now that I was made aware that the Mavic wont complete its Litchi mission when signal is lost, I will keep my P3S for Litchi missions.


Is this due to some sort of regulation or safety issue?

Are there any drones that will allow this feature?

Here is a list of DJI drones. Note the ones that have On-board waypoint support. Those models will continue their mission (if you have that option selected) if the controller/drone signal is lost.

Its just the way drones are designed and built the the manufacturer. Probably less expensive to build and less firmware for the VSC type drones.

I fly an Air2s as well and I’ve lost signal a few times but only briefly and it continued to fly waypoints. However I discovered that increasing the flight height resolved the lost of signal issue. It was always happening at a construction site I’m documenting…maybe something to try if your losing signal…

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