Air 2S and Waypoints mission

I have an Air2S and looking at getting Litchi. I want to know if I plan a waypoint mission with Litchi and then go to use it with my Air2S, if the mission is too long for reception from the radio, Does the Air2S go on and complete the mission, and then come back?
I figure on DJI Fly app it just does a return to home. I have drone link and it only does RTH. Someone had said once that Litchi can complete the mission as it dnlds the mission into the aircraft, not the radio.

True or False? If true, can you point me to where in the FAQs that it says how to do it.
Thanks Everyone!

The Air 2S does not have onboard waypoints, so it will not complete a mission if it loses signal.
Here is some info for you to read.