Adjusting flight plan in-flight

Hello all,

I am looking to use Litchi as an educational tool to introduce students to UAS and drone applications.

Let’s say I have created a flightplan in the mission hub. I execute it and it starts flying. In the middle of the flight, is it possible to cancel the current mission and create new way points? Or perhaps even pause the current flightplan, deviate from the course for a few minutes, and then resume the flightplan at the next waypoint? I’d like to include this aspect of in-flight replanning and adapting to unexpected circumstances (like in real-life SAR or surveillance missions).


Yes. All of those things are possible.

At any time during a mission you may pause the mission by either pressing the pause button on the controller or by pressing the pause button in the Litchi app. You can then cancel the mission by pressing the “stop” button in the Litchi app. Or, you can tap on the “stop” button while the mission is in progress. You can also change the flight mode from “normal” to either “sport” or “tripod/cine” to cancel the mission (just remember to go back to “normal” mode prior to starting the next mission). At that point you may modify the mission any way you see fit.

After the current mission is cancelled, you may restart the mission at any waypoint. Every time you start a Litchi mission, you are given the option to specify the starting waypoint number.

Perfect.Thanks for the very prompt and detailed response!